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capturing perspectives


  1. the activity of telling showing or writing stories.

    "the power of cinematic storytelling"


  1. relating to the telling or writing of stories.

    "the oral storytelling tradition"

Stories are fundamental to cultures and societies. We have told stories for thousands of years. Stories can change the world. Storytelling is thus a critical skill that makers need to develop if they wish to attract and hold the attention of their audience. A well-told story will include both the research perspective and the researcher's perspective.

capsel drieluik.png

Why not utilize something we produce ourselves to contribute to change a
system of overconsumption? By using a customer’s own hair or that of loved
ones, important emotional value can be added to a material and it’s products.
In situations where hair-loss is a burden, the headpiece created for ‘Capsel’
can serve as an alternative to a wig to provide personalized opportunities.

Human hair - raw material for yarns and textiles - used to add identity,
personality and sustainability to a fabric; important qualities for textiles at times
in which we must choose and use our materials with awareness.

concept presentation CC.png

Extend the current capability of the organization to make new appealing products. Products that will showcase the identity of the foundation and it’s artificers to gain the attention they deserve.


By making valuable, sustainable and appealing
products and building a platform for them
Calcutta Rescue can reach a bigger audience
and respond to the need to fight against
unfairness in this (consumer)society


a visual story about high-class escort service

the prejudice,

the pride, 

the pleasure 

the pain


with love

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