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moodboard conceptpresentatie door collag


different purposes

noun image

  1. 1.

    a representation of the external form of a person or thing in art.

    "her work juxtaposed images from serious and popular art"

  2. the general impression that a person, organization, or product presents to the public.

"she strives to project an image of youth"

noun: Illustration
 the action of illustrating : the condition of being illustrated

barchaic : the action of making illustrious or honored or distinguished

2: something that serves to illustrate: such as

a: an example or instance that helps make something clear

b: a picture or diagram that helps make something clear or attractive

TEST  1 zonder.jpg

seven second sketches

ongoing series of sketches made  within more or less 7 seconds

school project about fashion and identity

I chose ACNE STUDIOS as a brand to explore

moodboard door collage -lekker
Concept presentatie - ProjectVR.jpg

birth announcement cards

gift cards - invitations

and so on

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